Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Band recommendation - UMOR

Umor is Zagreb based band and very dear to my heart (my boyfriend Branimir is a guitar player in Umor). They've been playing together since 1998 as Crop Circle, but they changed their name in 2007 when second guitarist left the band. They published one split EP with Croatian band Cojones, one Self  Titled EP and this May they released their first album called Pralayaah for the local label Sonic Doom Records.

They describe themselves as loud and heavy atmospheric rock/metal band with stoner and doom influences, but what I like the most is the cosmic end/beginning of the world atmosphere they produce. The songs last pretty long and every song seem like soundtrack of the moments in which you can lose yourself completely
Check Umor tour dates on Facebook or Umor blog maybe you can catch them somewhere or download and listen on Bandcamp.

And one last thing, Branimir and I did a visual identity for Pralayaah and my photo is on the cover of the album. Thanks to our friend Nina Jukić for permission to use some of her photos too. Let me know what do you think and how do you like Umor down in comments. Thanks*

There comes a time when a man finds himself in front of a dark uncrossable abyss, which he himself has spent years digging. He cannot go forward, and has no way back. Words have failed, tears won't help, and who would he call out to? He can't even remember his own name. Then the man sees that on this god's green earth there is but one true suffering: the torment of guilty conscience. -  Ivo Andrić


  1. ovaj album bi trebali u čitanke stavit.

    odlične fotke!

    'When I use a word.
    It means what I choose.'

    ko god je tekstove pisao u bendu ja mu skidam kapu

  2. genijalan album, genijalan bend, i točka:)