Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I got dots

"I got stripes, stripes around my shoulder..." sings Johnny Cash in his very famous song, but today instead of stripes I got dots around my shoulders. I'm a huge fan of various patterns and I like to wear them a lot. Here is a little something about polka dot, famous pattern that became one of the classics. 

Polka dot term was first used in 19th century in Britain, some say around 1866. The pattern is named after the dance of the same name that was the latest craze of that period. In an effort to cash the fad, manufacturers began naming all sorts of things polka. Polka gauze, polka hats, polka curtain bands and many other products. Of all these terms only polka dot survived until today. 
There are two possible origins of the word polka. Polka dance originally comes from Bohemia and polka either can come from the Czech word pulka, which is half step, or a combination of two dances polonaise and mazurka. According to the dictionary of Etymology the word polka literally means Polish woman.

Traditionally polka dots were used in the clothing of flamenco dancers and performers. Nowadays many products that we use in everyday life, from clothing to dishes, use polka dot pattern and many famous designers almost every season incorporate polka dot pattern into their creations.

Today I wore to work a vintage polka dot shirt that, my favorite item for this spring and I pared it with skinny jeans and white converse. Live long polka dot! :)

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  1. na trecoj fotki si mi kao neka politicarka :D :*