Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The reason that I wasn't so active on my blog lately is so many things that are going on at the same time. One of them is a theatre play Šarengrad (Sarengrad) directed by Renata Carola Gatica and choreographer Natalija Manojlović. Nina Jukić, my band mate from ChocoJazz and I edited music for the play, which was an awesome experience that happened out of the blue. We used some of our songs (Hladan Stan, Zašto te nema, AngelSheep, Uzet ću te i odvesti) because director Renata loved them very much and asked to incorporate them into play. 

It was a great honour to participate in process like that and to actually perform and share stage with five great actresses: Ivana Krizmanić, Saša Naumov, Ivana Pavlović, Marija Tadić and Romina Vitasović. 
The play tells story about 7 women from little town Šarengrad in Croatia, early nineties, the start of the war, lack of man, soap operas, loneliness...it has a little bit of everything, singing, dancing, drama, tears, laugh, highly atmospheric play with lot's of little details and moments. 

We have two more shows before summer brake, one tonight and one on Thursday but we will be performing again in the fall. For more info click here, and come and watch us if you're in town! :) 
Thank you Šarengrad gals for so much fun we had during these past months and special thanks to director Renata Carola Gatica for giving us such a great opportunity! <3   

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