Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Shpitza Time!

Shpitza in Croatian literally means rush hours and in Zagreb it's also very popular part in the center of the town which is always colorful, crowded, vivid and in slang it also means a “high state of mind”. I named my boutique Shpitza 'cause I wanted my shop to be a popular and cool place to stop by and hang out. 
And somehow it ended like that. Almost every day all of my friends meet there and it has become a meeting  point for us. Since I spend my days working in the shop I decided to start a blog and write about creative and fun projects that I do trough my work.
I design jewellery, I'm a crafty person and I adore  analog photography and lomography so lots of posts will be related to my passions in everyday life.
I'm also a singer and accordion player in ChocoJazz band so some of the posts will be about our gigs and promotion for our songs. Check us out on MySpace !

We'll that was it for a start. Soon I'll post a photos of my first jewelery collection and write a little about my design. 

Have a nice "shpitza" day! :)


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