Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sea Waste jewelry collection - spr/sum 2011.

A few days ago I launched my first jewelry collection called Sea Waste, so here's a little something about the collection and why and how I’ve started it in the first place.

Since I come from Čiovo, a little island in the Adriatic Sea, my work is always somehow connected to my roots. I live in Zagreb now and most of the time I really miss the beautiful sunny days and long walks on the rocky beaches. I’ve found my inspiration in moments of both homesickness and nostalgia.
During winter, on the beach close to my house, you can find a real treasury consisting of sea weed, shells and various kinds of wood, small, big, broken, shaped by the sea. I like natural materials, especially wood, so I was fascinated by the uniqueness and structure of every wood piece that I could find and so I started collecting them. The idea of making jewelry with those abandoned wood pieces came instantly and I couldn't wait to start working on the collection.
I used paint, metal chains and old afghan coins to achieve that light effect of the sea air and sunny sky. Colors that were used are white, light blue, pink and purple, all light and bright colors.
Every piece is unique, since every sea-shaped object is unique and will definitely bring light and relaxed note to your spring and summer combinations.

...dreamy seashores and salty air seem closer with sea waste jewelry on her skin...

Hope you will love it as I do!



photos: Lea Đido i Marko Dragičević
model: Ivana Bertić
location: Zagreb, Gornji grad