Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Road trip

This Easter I went on a road trip to Bosnia with my boyfriend. Even after only two days of  driving, spending time with family and visiting new places I feel really refreshed, rested and ready for new challenges. 
We drove from Zagreb to Travnik, my hometown. We visited my grandparents and on our way back we stopped in Banja Luka. 

I really love springtime in Bosnia! 

with grandpa
old town Travnik

cute mail box
with my cousin in a pub situated in a house where Ivo Andrić was born

church in Banja Luka
Vrbas river
in the middle of nowhere

And of course I wore a necklace from Sea Waste jewelry collection called Three Lucks. :)


  1. The necklace really fits the colours of Travnik!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Loved it!!

  2. heeeej, amazing places !!!! I always wanted to visit Travnik and now I have it!